August 29, 2008

Pink Flowers

Here are a couple new floral paintings I completed recently. I started with a bright pink ground which I find to be a very happy color but not always an easy one to work on with other colors. Maybe that's why all the flowers are pink. I want these to be very decorative... a play of organic shapes against geometric forms with "pretty" colors dancing all around to please the eye. The most difficult part was trying to simplify the flowers and still retain their identity. Tomorrow on my camping trip, I'm going to focus on drawing flowers.... first realistically and then as an abstraction. Perhaps if I isolate the problem, I can learn to overcome the difficulty. Haven't we all drawn pages and pages of hands and feet?

"Pink Lilies" by Barbara Levine copyright 2008 and
"Dancing Daisies Over Peony Clouds" by B. Levine copyright 2008

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