August 24, 2008

Catching Up

I just looked up a couple of other art festivals in Oregon and discovered some really wonderful artists. How do they do it? I better get back into my studio and get to work! But no, my plan is to take a break and focus on home and garden before everything goes to rack and ruin. Art will just have to wait.

Here are a couple more recent paintings that try to capture the beauty of the motherhood and the nurturing spirit in us all. "Momma Bed" is about how newborns will sleep and sleep like little angels, as long as they are on their momma's chest. Put them down and they scream bloody murder! "Surrounded By Love" celebrates the BIG momma is so much more yummy than being hugged by a skinny person (of course that's nice too).

"Momma Bed" by Barb Levine copyright 2008

"Surrounded By Love" by Barb Levine copyright 2008

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