May 22, 2008

Introducing New and Continuing Themes

This week I will post the current themes I'm working on in my studio so that I can start organizing this blog into a format that has some structure. Some subjects have long been a part of my portfolio of artwork, and others are new interests. Here are the titles I have chosen:
  • Nature Tapestries
  • Garden Mandallahs
  • Jewish Community
  • Petite Narratives
  • Earthly Madonnas
  • Floral Arrangements
I introduced myself with three of my Nature Tapestries, "Rosy May", "Winter Harvest", and "Brambles" (May 7, 2008). These paintings are inspired by my daily walks around my home in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon. Since we have four distinct seasons, I am always watching for new wildflowers to appear and observing the slow transformation of the land and trees from one season to the next. My usual path takes me past marshy areas, grassy fields, and a lavender farm, over seasonal and year-around creeks and a couple of hills, and finally through a forest of firs, ferns and maples. I'm so lucky to have such a diverse landscape to enjoy!

"Forest Floor" copyright Barbara Levine 2008

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